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The Travels and Adventures of
Stefano Capacchione

The Travels And Adventures Of Stefano Capacchione San Pedro Guatemala

The Cancun

6th July 2016

As recently as 1970, The Island of Cancun's (or as I was incorrectly calling it for the first few days, “The Cancun”) population was just 3. Hindsight would deem it unthinkable that investors at the time were unwilling to gamble their own funds on this small fisherman's island but that being the case; the Mexican government had to finance the start of a development program to make Isla Cancun a tourist retreat. Since then, the financial rewards in the region soared and the continued expansion has been outstanding. The population is now more than 700,000 and is made up with a delicate blend of migrants from other parts of Mexico, the U. S. A and Europe.

Our base was actually just outside of the main resort area or the “Hotel Zone” as it is known. We were staying in downtown Cancun. This is where the Mexican migrants are mainly located and most seem to be workers rather than holiday makers. In fact, I am not sure if most of the holiday makers who are mainly from the United States and Europe are even aware that downtown Cancun exists. It seems that after arriving in Cancun airport, a typical tourist will take a private shuttle to one of Cancun's grand hotels that take up almost every inch of the waterfront before spending a couple of weeks indulging, being pampered and hardly moving a muscle.

Cancun Beach Mexico
Cancun Beach

Although this is not the way I like to spend my time, I can completely understand the desire and it is easy to see why Cancun is the destination of choice. The sea is a turquoise colour of the like I have never seen and its waves caress the glistening white sand with a regular soothing pattern that would be hypnotic if only you could escape the screams and shouts of the hundreds of people who take almost no notice of the beauty.

After the sun had managed to burn through the factor 30 and factor 50 sunscreen we were wearing on our first day exploring the hotel zone, we spent our second day trying to shade ourselves closer to our guesthouse in the downtown area. It wasn't overly pleasing to the eye but we were able to find a beach area without hotels. It was very small in comparison but it was the first place we had actually seen any Mexicans enjoying their surroundings. This part of the beach was also friendly for people with disabilities and we saw some extremely well designed wheel chairs, which almost glided on the sand.

Gracefully gliding was not reserved for the wheel chairs though as some of my favourite creatures in the world moved stealthily from point to point, adapting to their surroundings… Las Iguanas!

Iguana crawling Cancun

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