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The Travels and Adventures of
Stefano Capacchione

The Travels And Adventures Of Stefano Capacchione San Pedro Guatemala

The Mission

5th July 2016

Andrea Capacchione is an ordinary, hard working, dedicated husband and father. Like all of us, he has some great talents and a couple of flaws but on the 5th of July 2016, Andrea Capacchione became Super Andrea!

At about 9pm, Andrea finished working a long shift in his role as an aircraft engineer. He arrived at my Dad's house for 9 : 30pm in time for a late dinner before getting on the road again. This time Sian and I kept him company as we picked up our cousin Giselle who had just landed from Australia. It was lovely to see her albeit just for a few hours. We caught up while Andrea drove us to his house where we spent a few hours sleeping. After just 2 and a half hours in bed, Andrea woke up again, ready to embark on another journey. This time, he was taking Sian and I to Stansted airport, which is over an hour away from his house. Thank you again buddy!

Andrea saving the day
Super Andrea!

That was that, we were away. Our flight stopped off in Cologne before we transferred to the long haul flight to Mexico. The reason for the German stop was that we were using an airline called Eurowings. For those who don’t know, a Eurowings co ‐ pilot crashed a plane on purpose in 2015. It was a horific tradgedy that would make anybody think twice about using the company but on the brightside, it meant that our flight to Cancun cost just £ 305.00 and although I had about as much legroom as a 10 foot tall Ryanair passenger, the flight wasn't bad and we landed in Cancun early.

As everybody knows, the first thing that anybody wants when they land in a new country is 100 or so hotel operators and taxi drivers vying for your blood. Luckily, we only had to step outside of the arrivals door to find exactly that. It took some skilled navigation but we weaved in and out of the paths to find the “local” bus. The slightly more upmarket version of the local bus in Cancun is run by a company called ADO. They have air ‐ con as standard and they even play a newly released movie. The most important aspect of the service though is that it is very fairly priced.

Hostal Kankun

In relation to fair prices, some may perceive our first dwelling as great value for money considering we paid just £ 9.50 per night for a room. There are others who may see it differently however and would have to have been paid to stay there. Aside from the price, the owner was extremely kind and he was willing to help with anything that we asked of him. The rooms left a lot to be desired though, they were not very clean, the sheets were stained and the shared shower required flip flops for protection. With all that said, you get what you pay for and we had three solid night's sleep allowing time for me to fully recover from my pre ‐ travelling illness.