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The Travels and Adventures of
Stefano Capacchione

The Travels And Adventures Of Stefano Capacchione San Pedro Guatemala

The Worst Possible Start

4th July 2016

After many months and years of thinking about travelling to South America, the time had finally come. My girlfriend Sian and I had left our jobs, said goodbye to our friends and family, bought everything we needed including our first few nights accommodation and we were almost ready to go.

With two days remaining until our flight, Sian was on another flight coming back to the UK after spending a week with her family in Ireland. We had already sold most of our possessions so the last thing we had to do was pack.

Toilet Bowl
Good day to be sick…

That seems like the easiest thing in the world and it should have been but unfortunately, I was bed bound for 36 hours with something slightly stronger than the average man flu (of course I would say that!) and a very dodgy stomach.

Luckily, Sian was there to help and after lots of rest and as much water as I could take, I was well enough to get on the flight by Wednesday 6th July 2016